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Identity and studbook

SIRE number : 46992651F
UELN number : 372IRE45149376T
Date of birth : 02/03/2009
Country of birth : IRLANDE
Birth studbook : THE GENERAL STUD BOOK
Breeding Stud Book : To know the list of authorized (approved) breeds, STUD BOOK FRANCAIS CHEVAL DE PUR SANG
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Identified by electronic transponder : Oui

This horse is DNA genotyped (Conformément à la norme en vigueur) : Oui
Origins verified by parentage testing : Non

Additional information

Identification document/Validation date : 13/11/2018


Stallion available to be bred in France since 2013 until 2020
Covering book issued for service using 2020 to breed as Anglo Arabe, Cheval Autre Que Pur Sang, Demi-Sang Arabe, Origine Constatee, Pur Sang

Place of service or semence manager in France declared on the previous covering book application : s’oppose à la diffusion des informations le concernant


Adresse inconnue

s’oppose à la diffusion des informations le concernant