Sport ponies

Ability covers the horse's various performances in the disciplines in which it competes. It is presented in the form of genetic indices or performance indices or labels.

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Performance in sports competitions for ponies

Indices are calculated in a similar manner for show jumping, eventing, and dressage to compare the pony with a defined population.

Height at the withers of the pony: 146 cm

Summary table of genetic indices

Discipline Show jumping Eventing Dressage
Genetic index (CD) +7 (0.27)*
Lower limit -6.8
Mention sire Acceptable

In blue : satisfactory index and/or coefficient
* Low CD so index inaccurate
Indices last updated on : 2020

Performance indices are published for every year that the pony participates in competitions and are called:IPO for show jumping, IPD for dressage, IPC for eventing

To find out more about the types of competitions included and criteria used in the calculation of indices, click here