Breed qualifications

Breed qualification

This page presents all of the data specific to certain breeds and studbooks.

It is possible to award characteristics to a horse based on a combination of several characterisation tools used for a given breed.

Données à la date du : 16/07/2024

The implementation of "breed qualifications" under a "Breeding Programme" helps summarise all information available for a horse from various sources in an evaluation which is easy to understand. This evaluation also allows a buyer/breeder to compare horses of the same breed. It is up to each studbook to adapt qualifications. Therefore, they may include sporting abilities (FFE and SHF competitions, racing), the horse’s ability to be used for different purposes (working competitions, leisure qualifications, BAC (behaviour tests), morphology and gaits, or genetics (% of progeny with indices, better indices, etc.).

This system can be a summary of characterisation tools developed for the breed in question.