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Identity and studbook

SIRE number : 60017763A
Date of birth : 27/01/1990
Country of birth : ALLEMAGNE
Breeding Stud Book : To know the list of authorized (approved) breeds, FACTEUR DE PONEY FRANCAIS DE SELLE
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Identified by electronic transponder : Oui
Date transponder injected : 27/01/2005

This horse is DNA genotyped (Conformément à la norme en vigueur) : Oui
Origins verified by parentage testing : Non

Additional information

Identification document/Validation date : 05/05/2003

PFS approved stallion label


Stallion available to be bred in France since 2003 until 2023
Covering book issued for service using 2023 to breed as Origine Constatee, Poney Francais De Selle, Pottok, Welsh Part-Bred

Place of service or semence manager in France declared on the previous covering book application : s’oppose à la diffusion des informations le concernant


Breeder : 100% M. CHRISTIAN THOROE
Adresse inconnue

s’oppose à la diffusion des informations le concernant